Without pole, we would have never met. Because of pole, a strong friendship grew.

Pole is what centers us and nurtures us; our body, mind, and soul. We live to create and express ourselves through this aerial art form, and this philosophy translates directly into our designs. We hope to be a part of your creative process as much as you, the pole community, have been for us.

It is inspirational to see people of all different backgrounds come together and support each other through the love of pole, which is the very definition of being #polehearted.



design philosophy

Polehearted is the result of our love affair with pole.

We’ve poured our heart and soul into this line to create beautifully handmade pieces that move with your body and flow with the pole. Each item is cut, sewn, and packaged with love, passing through each of our hands to ensure a quality product.

Our hearts go out to each and every #poleheartedbabe that share our passion and support our endeavor.



castle collection

The castle collection is all about luxury and nothing says luxury quite like our soft, rich velvet.

Available in three striking colours Royal Purple, Crimson Red and Raven Black.

Reward yourself with a 3 piece set or mix and match our tops and bottoms to become the queen of your domain.






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